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Reallifedelivered is harnessing the power of the ocean-loving community to create content that inspires action and assists researchers in their understanding of our natural world.
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Our Daily Mission

Reallifedelivered.org is a foundation focused on creating environmental awareness content and dedicated to:

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The Mission

Reallifedelivered.org is dedicated to educating the public while assisting scientific research into preserving our ocean environments by:


with content makers, naturalists and researchers to collect amazing visuals of our natural world.


amazing content collected by our partners as well as RLD expeditions to both inspire and inform the public as well as collect critical data and records of our oceans.


our content and content-making infrastructure with everyone in a truly bottom-up partnership that includes the public and scientific community.

This is the mission
Our vision is to create content that will motivate, inspire and inform.
The Reallifedelivered Team

We are all called to be good stewards of our environment· which is also our home, but we cannot make decisions without truthful information. Our vision is to be THE source of information for what's really happening in our environment.

Our future
RLD's cameras will not only create amazing content, but they will feed our scientific research into hidden ecosystems and shine a light on what we're trying to preserve.
Michael Collins
Founder, Reallifedelivered.org

How is Carbon Dioxide changing our Oceans?

Co2 is the leading cause of global warming and oceanic acidification - two major risk factors for our planet.

  • As the planet’s greatest carbon sink, the ocean absorbs excess heat and energy released from rising greenhouse gas emissions trapped in the Earth’s system
  • As excessive heat and energy warms the ocean, the change in temperature leads to cascading effects, including ice-melt, sea-level rise, marine heatwaves, and ocean acidification.
  • As a result of ocean acidification, slow-growing organisms like oysters and corals have more trouble building and maintaining their shells or skeletons.
of warming has been trapped in oceans
of our planet depends on the ocean for food
Our content creation assets will fuel ecological research. And those assets should be accessible to everyone.

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